Checking Out Wheels at Spring Break Nationals 2013

Camaro Large Back Wheels

Every spring since 1986 the world of custom cars descends on Daytona Beach Florida. Custom vehicles of every shape and size are on display for the thousands of fans and fellow car buffs. At its heart, Spring Break Nationals is a car audio competition but over the years it has grown into something of a trade show.

This year was no different. One of the first—if not the actual first—pieces of customization done to any vehicle is new wheels. I would say this even comes before a decent stereo system, but certainly before paint, ground effects, or custom interior. Wheels being the first upgrade means there are literally thousands of styles to choose from and Spring Break Nationals is a great place to see these wheels and even talk to manufacturer’s representatives.

Here are a few things I learned:

Enkei Wheels has brought a classic wheel back for 2013. The “Compe” (short for competition) is a throwback to the heyday of import car racing and will look perfect on the modern drift car. The true old-school eight-spoke wheel is available in 15 and 16 inch with offsets ranging from 0 to 38.

Traklite is offering unique looks and colors for 2013 including black chrome. Black chrome utilizes a proprietary dry method of applying metals and clear coats. It is a combination of two processes—sputter deposition and powdercoat. Insider tip; black chrome is the easiest to keep clean.

Ultra Wheels. You can’t have a car audio competition without a bunch of custom trucks loaded with equipment and these trucks need wheels. Ultra Wheels’ passion and core principle has made them the pre-eminent truck wheel company in the US. Whether you’re looking for truck and off-road wheels, their high end Platinum line, or the trend setting Focal designs, you will be riding on their core principle of delivering the strongest, most durable wheels on the market today. Their ‘new for 2013’ products alone are amazing, but check out the entire line at Ready Wheels.

It can be tough to find exactly the style of wheels and tires you want, and even tougher to find them at a decent price. This is where Ready Wheels shines, offering these brands and many, many more. Are you looking for 20 inch wheels? Ready Wheels has over 6000 twenty-inch wheels to choose from! We have wheel and tire packages for every make and model and ship FREE to the US and Canada. ReadyWheels also offer a 100% Fitment Guarantee on all orders so you can shop with confidence. Contact us, check out our online catalog, or give us a call at 877.473.2399.