Top Reasons to Buy New Wheels Rims & Tires

image003 sample recently hit the headlines with updates to their 2013 Wheel and Tire lineup. The Ready Wheels website allows you to easily search for the specific discount tires to fit your vehicle. They also offer a variety of financing options for their wheels and rims, as well as wheel and tire packages. Updating your vehicle with discount tires has never been easier. You get many advantages when you have new tires, and the best advantage of discount tires is the price.

According to an article by, there are five main advantages to buying new tires for your vehicle. These include safety, performance, gas mileage, traction, and driving experience.


Most new tires last you up to 100,000 miles. Good tread means your vehicle will stop when it needs to and ride smoothly everywhere you go. Driving on new tires lets you feel like you are floating on air. The comfort cannot be beat.


The quality and wear of your tires determines how well your vehicle will stop, speed up, and turn. To ensure the best performance from your vehicle, you must replace tires in a timely fashion.  New tires help increase power, and they increase braking performance.

Gas Mileage

Tire condition affects every aspect of driving and vehicle performance. Gas mileage is no exception.  Properly mounted, balanced, and aligned new tires give you better gas mileage in both city and highway driving conditions. You should also inflate tires to the correct pressure to ensure they last as long as possible.


Tread wear on tires decreases traction, especially in rainy or snowy driving conditions. Driving on dirt and gravel is more difficult with worn tires. New tires from the right category (all season, all weather, etc.) improve traction in those conditions.

Overall Experience

New tires make you feel great. You are proud to display the clean, beefy tread as you drive along.  They offer a smooth, quiet ride great for trips, short or long. Worn tires are a hassle, loud and bumpy, and can blow at any time. With new tires, you have fewer worries and can enjoy any trip you are taking.

No one can deny the benefits of new tires. Why pay more for the same benefits? Discount tires offer the same brands and same quality at a much nicer price. Your wallet will be happy, and your vehicle will be happy, too. Contact us to learn about special offers on the discount tires or wheel and tire packages that are best for your vehicle.