Big Wheels for Your for your Car Truck or SUV ?

A lot of people think that big wheels only belong on big trucks and SUVs. Ever since the 90s and the introduction of 20-inch wheels, the trend has been towards bigger. Why can’t that trend be seen in mid-size and even compact cars? Answer: It can.

Consider, for example, this Audi A5 Sportback with its 22 inch wheels. The truth is, upgrading a car to a larger wheel is easy. Most cars today are capable of rolling on 22 inch wheels. The trick is simply to find a way to fit the wheels so that they tuck into the fender wells and avoid the fender lips and suspension components. Generally, this can be done using a low profile tire.

At ReadyWheels, we consider our customers our partners. That’s why, if our partner wants a custom wheel package that includes larger wheels, we’re happy to help. And if our partner envisions big wheels on a little car, we say: “Why not?”

With over thirty years in the wheel and tire industry, ReadyWheels has perfected the art of excellent customer service, the highest quality of performance tires and custom wheels, and unbeatable prices. We have achieved an excellent rating every year that we have been in business and yet we still are striving to improve our performance. Our staff continues to stay updated on the latest wheel and tire technology and we are consistently checking to be sure we’re offering the highest quality products and the best selection.

For more information on wheels, tires, and how ReadyWheels can work with you to get the look and performance you’re seeking, contact us.