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If you are shopping for wheel and tire package, there are a few factors that you should take into consideration that a lot of people don’t think about. Sure, you want a set of tires and rims that will make your car or truck look great, but there are also other factors that could influence your decision. These are practical issues that have to do with the size of your tire and how that tire and rim will interact with the road.
When your tire wall is taller, it has much more space to flex. I’m sure you’ve noticed that even when your car’s tires are at the current pressure, they have a slight bend near the bottom, in between the rim and where the tread starts. This is the area of your tire that can dramatically affect the kind of ride you are going to experience as you drive.
A wheel with smaller rims, and thus a taller tire wall, will flex more. This allows your tires to absorb much more of the shock that happens as your vehicle hits bumps, dings and other flaws in the road. That means that a taller tire with less rim will make your ride smoother and more comfortable. However, this flex in the tire can also allow the tire to “wobble” or “shift” as you turn. This will make the handling of your vehicle slightly worse as you take harder turns.
A wheel with a larger rim and less tire wall will not experience this “wobble” as you turn, which allows you to have much more control over your vehicle as it grips the road. The shorter tire wall makes it more ridged, which means it has much less flex. However, for the same reason, you will lose a bit of the smoothness in your ride. Wheels with much more grip on the road often come in this variety to maximize the handling in your car.

If you need help finding the perfect combination, contact us for more facts and tips on rims and tires. We offer great deals on tire and rim packages, so be sure to take a look!


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